Pointe Vista Development (PVD) was formed in 2008 with the express objective of creating a premier master planned destination resort community. In working with state of Oklahoma, it initially acquired approximately 800 acres from the state which was originally known as the Lake Texoma State Park. In the subsequent nine years, PVD continued to acquire adjacent lands to gain size to be able to fully develop its design concept. To date, approximately 2,700 acres located along 19 miles of Lake Texoma shoreline has been acquired or is under contract which will fully encompass the development. As part of these acquisitions and to supplement the development with significant amenities, PVD acquired the Catfish Bay Merina and the Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club.

Having acquired sufficient land and amenities, PVD initiated development of the conceptual design of the master planned destination resort community. With the concept now fully vetted, financing to initiate construction is now underway.